this is my new favorite thing.

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Is Disney trying to monopolize everything? Hmmm… I fear for what Disney will do. Hopefully they do a descent job with it. It’s so odd… does that make Leia a Disney Princess?

I’ve been there dammit! If that’s New York..

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Here I sit, steaming cup of afternoon coffee in hand, sleepy eyes, an aching back. Why did I think night shift was a good idea again? Hopefully it’s all over in the blink of an eye. I feel drained, mentally, physically, emotionally. I have all these stories dancing round and round my head but I can’t get them out onto paper. It’s driving me insane. 

Amen. Happy i saw something like this.
First. 3rd shift sucks, I hate it but it’s work. 2nd I don’t think I’ve written or drawn in months, not like it matters since I haven’t finished a single drawing in 2 years. Just look at my art book. If it looks done, it isn’t. I just stopped. I have the night off tonight and I feel like drawing shit. And magic. Lots of magic.

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I need these on my wall

Gorgeous T_T